IC Conference programme (subject to changes and alterations)

* All activities and events based on current guidelines and measures for prevention of COVID-19

IC Conference Day 0 - Monday 20 September 2021
Welcome Reception with registration (Place to be defined)
Day 1 - Tuesday 21 September 2021
Opening Session - Session 1: Keynotes - Invited Speakers (together with iarigai)
Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater

Chair: Chrysoula Gatsou
09:15-09:30Welcome address, University of West Attica, Prof. Panagiotis Kaldis, Rector
09:30-10:00Opening address of the 52nd IC Conference, Prof. Dr. Anastasios E. Politis, Chairman of the IC
The future of Print Education in the Digital Era: Which way forward?
SESSION 1 (Plenary), Keynotes
Chair: Martin Habekost
10:00-10:30Thomas Katsaros
Greek Ancient Technology - Relation to Typography and Printing
10:30-11:00Konstantinos Spyropoulos, BEL Information Systems, Greece
The Connected Converter
11:00-11:30Coffee Break (foyer)
11:30-12:00Enn Kerner, Vice President of Estonian Engineering Association and Sinapse Print Simulators
During the Meta Pandemic Era: Learning continues using Simulation Technology in Print Education
12:00-12:30Stelios Manousakis, Product Director Digital Printing, Bobst Group
From pixel to drop: Inkjet innovations for the digital printing industry
12:30-12:45Official group Photo
Session 2 Plenary - Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater
Sessions/TimeSession 2: Print Management and Technology
Chair: TBD

14:00-14:20Antonios Tsigonias, GARDeN, Michail Manonas & Aikaterini Pagkrati, HELGRAMED, Georgios Papadimitriou, National Technical University of Athens, Antigoni Karamani & Chrysoula Gatsou, University of West Attica, Marios Tsigonias & Anastasios E. Politis GRAPHMEDLAB - The Hellenic Graphic-Media Research Lab, Greece
Materials & Illusions - Inks & Tricks
14:20-14:40Thomais Salogianni & Anastasios E. Politis, University of West Attica, Greece
Corporate Social Responsibility practices in the Greek Graphic Arts-Printing Industry
14:40-15:00Christos Trochoutsos & Anastasios E. Politis, Hellenic Open University, Greece
Measuring color in digital printing: digital printing standardization
15:00-15:30Coffee Break (foyer)
Session 3 Plenary - Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater
Sessions/TimePeople and Print: Initiatives for Print Education
Chair: TBD

15:30-15:50Gunter Hübner, Helmut Wittenzellner & Volker Jansen, Stuttgart Media University, Germany,
Alison Grace & Beatrice Klose, Intergraf, Belgium
Print Your Future Initiative
15:50-16:10Anastasios E. Politis, Dimitrios Zevgolis, Gerasimos Vonitsanos, Hellenic Open University, Greece
Developing an efficient scoring rubric as an assessment tool for educational material in Graphic Arts
16:10-16:30June Nardiello & Nils Högsdal, University of the Media Stuttgart, Germany
What ideas do students really care about? Learnings from the first 300 teams Start-up BW ASAP
16:30-16:45Coffee Break IC Members only (foyer)
16:45-17:45IC General Assembly (IC members only) room A - Ceremony Amphitheater
20:00 - 23:00Gala Dinner (together with IARIGAI participants)
Athens Byzantine and Christian Museum, The Gardens
Address: 22 Vas. Sofias Ave., 106 75 Athens (Evangelismos Metro Station - Blue Line 3)
IC Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 22 September 2021
Sessions 4A & 4B
Sessions/Time4A Printing Technology
Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater
Chair: TBD
4B Printing and Packaging Technology
Room B: TBD
Chair: TBD
09:30-09:50Sanja Mahović Poljaček, & Tamara Tomašegović, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Stamatina Theohari, Garifallia Komporozou, Margarita Nikolaou and Sofia Tsoukala, University of West Attica, Greece
The influence of certain characteristics of screen printing plates and inks on deposition of ink coatings on anodized aluminum substrates
Vasiliki Kokla, University of West Attica, Greece
Image-based techniques, a new approach on the study of historical print materials. The case of the ASPIOTIS Greek printing industry during the start of 20th century.
09:50 -10:10Apostolos Koutsioukis & Vasilios Georgakilas, University of Patras, Greece, George Vlahopoulos, Theodora Philippakopoulou, Maria Anastasopoulou, University of West Attica, Greece and Vassiliki Belessi, Laboratory of Electronic Devices and Materials, University of West Attica, Greece
Flexographic printing with carbon nanomaterials
Ivana Žiljak Stanimirović, Zagreb University, Croatia, Asimenia Matthaiou & Anastasios E. Politis, University of West Attica, Greece
Security printing innovation
10:10-10:30Georgij Petriaszwili & Piotr Janicki, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland - Sergei Komarov, Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Lviv, Ukraine
Experimental research on book-edge trimming by circular knife with eccentric blade movement
Anastasia Pesmatzoglou, Bank of Greece
Security features of the Greek banknote in the 1954-2002 period: the numbering
10:30-10:50Suvanna Rungruang & Pakamas Pachonklaew,
Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
Application of conductive ink to inspect lamp performance in lamp packaging
Iris Crete & Stamatina Theohari, University of West Attica, Greece
Circular Economy and Packaging Materials
10:50-11:30Coffee Break (foyer)
Sessions 5A & 5B
11:30-11:50Yannis Ziogas, Sofia Papadopoulou, Annita Koutsonanou, Cynthia Gerothanasiou, University of Western Macedonia Florina, Greece
LIFE ARCPROM: visual communication and educational possibilities in distance learning
Evgenia Pagani, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
E-books and apps for children: the characteristics of the enhanced e-book formats in the Greek language
11:50-12:10Rui Proença, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Portugal
Education in the pandemic situation in Polytechnic of Tomar
Filippa Athymaritou, University of West Attica, Greece & Evangelia Pavlaki, University of Nottingham, UK
Enhancing the identity of cities through the integration of public art
12:10-12:30Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Sofia Strati, Chrysoula Gatsou, University of West Attica, Greece
Nude, Empathy and Neuroaesthetics in the perceptual process
Elpiniki Dimosthenous, Hellenic Open University & Chrysoula Gatsou, University of West Attica, Greece
Publishing challenges and solutions for tablets and e-books
12:30-12:45Official Photo
Session 6 plenary - Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater
Session/Time6 Print-Media Education
Chair: TBD
14:00-14:20Pedro Matos, Josélia Pedro & Vanda Correia, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal
Label Design Checklist. A proposal to apply sustainability to education and to professional practice
14:20-14:40Roeland Pype, Ιnternational Coordinator, Arteveldens Hogeschool, Belgium
International programmes and research projects in the field of graphic and digital media at Arteveldens School of Applied Sciences
14:40-15:00Ivana Tomić, Ivan Pinćjer, Sandra Dedijer, Savka Adamović, Neda Milić-Keresteš, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Survey on online teaching in graphic engineering and design in a time of pandemic
15:00-15:20Hanna Gibson & Nona Woolbright, Clemson University, USA
The Effects of Audio/ Visual Stimulation and Virtual Reality to Increase the Rate of Retention in First Semester Freshmen Graphic Communications Students
15:20-16:00Coffee Break (foyer)
Session 7 Plenary Room A: Ceremony Amphitheater
Session/TimePrint Museums and History of Printing
Chair: Marios Tsigonias, Chrysoula Gatsou
16:00-16:20Regina Delfino, Pedro Matos, Luís Oliveira, Vítor Jesus, Rui Proença Instituto Politécnico de Tomar,
Pedro Matos, Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Portugal
Polytechnic of Tomar’s letterpress print shop. An industrial heritage to safeguard, enhance and share
16:20-16:30Anastasia Pesmatzoglou, Bank of Greece
Decrypting the security features of the Greek banknote during the 1954 to 2002 period: The watermark
16:30-16:50Michalis Kyrantonis, National Printing House, Greece
The exhibitions of the museum of the national printing house
16:50-17:10Kenneth Macro, California Polytechnic State University, USA
Vetus liber renasciture: The Rebirth of an Old Book for our Students Future
17:10-17:30Closing Session: Chrysoula Gatsou & Marios Tsigonias
End of IC conference
IC Conference Day 3 - Thursday 23 September 2021
08:30-20:00IC and iarigai day excursion
Korinthos, Nemea, wine tasting and lunch – Visit at Epidaurus Amphitheater – Afternoon coffee at the city of Nafplion
EveningEvening: No program (at own leisure)